What we love the most about vintage is that objects can have a thousand lives, a thousand ways of use.

Some of the most versatile home decor items are glass pharmacy jars.

Once used to hold herbs, candies or galenic preparations, they can be used today in a thousand ways thanks to their clean, elegant and timeless design.

Let’s discover 5 ways to regenerate them:

–          Garden in a jar

a little land, a few little water-retaining plants and you will have a mini evergreen garden at home.


–          Multicolored fruit basket

our piece of advice is to choose single-color fruit for each jar.

barattoli-di-vetro-frutta-2 barattoli-di-vetro-frutta

–          Show-dinnerware

no, we did not go crazy. We have coined a new term to suggest you a simple and wonderful way to display your most valuable dinnerware, your collection of cutlery with decorated handles. Place them into the jar and then cover it with its lid. They will not gather dust and will also be admired by all.


–          Containers of enchanted little worlds

those of us who love to set up a crèche for creating its own ideal place will not be satisfied with putting it up just for Christmas. Create small landscapes under glass. They could be the personification of a desire of yours, a way to always remember what you want for your future.


–          Soap dishes

soap is a classic gift, hard to use them all and a pity to leave them in a drawer. A glass jar full of perfumed soap will be a beautiful décor for your bathroom, and better than the classic deodorizing products.


–          Memories’ casket

After a great vacation I always find my bags full of memories that I want to keep. I usually prepare big boxes where I place shells, woodcuts, leaves. It’s a pity though. Now that I’ve discovered glass jars I have these memories always under my eyes so, when I need to dream a little sea, I focus on the colorful shells and smile a little.


You are looking for beautiful glass jars. We can help you. Click here and, for more inspiration,
there is our Pinterest board too.

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