Sometimes the world can be split in a very simple way. Those that love the Christmas nativity scene and those who don’t make it at all instead.

I’m absolute. You do it great or nothing. And since my house is overrun by toys and I’m about to finish to furnish it, I don’t have a furniture big enough to set up it on.

There is however a solution and it is one of the last trends of Christmas’ homedecor: to create snowy landscapes under glass.

I’ll explain how in four easy steps:

–          Get a pot with a lid of glass. Vintage ones are perfect. Like this one for example.

–          Fill it up with rock salt: will create a wonderful snow effect

–          Add saplings, little houses, toy cars, and everything you much love

–          Insert some lights and close the lid


A tiny under glass world will fly you every day to faraway lands

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