Have you fall in love with our vintage dishes but are you afraid to ruin them by using them? You have left your eyes on the pretty lady or on our porcelain statues but the thought cleaning them gives you a shiver? No fear. We answer all your doubts! Read our 10 tips to keep it in all its splendour.

  1. In general, it is always better to wash the old dishes by hand. We are honest, we put those of our personal collections in dishwashers but never if they have gold-plated décor. The gold-plated décor will become black and lose gloss.  gold edge
  2. Use a gentle detergent and avoid rubbing too much.
  3. Do not let them wet but dry them immediately.
  4. Beware of the time period. The late 1800s British dishes used pretty unstable colours. Especially green and blue could fade. idee-regalo-vintage-01
  5. The tea is known to leave sore spots to be erased. To clean the teapot a good method is to let them immerse in hot water all night.
  6. Antique vessels should always be protected from water. This does not mean leaving them empty but it would be better to place a glass inside the vase containing the water so it does not go directly into the porcelain. vasi antichi
  7. If you just cannot give up using the vase for the original use it was designed for, check that it has no cracks or breaks. A good method is to give it a light tap. If intact it will produce a sound similar to a bell.
  8. When the flowers are faded, immerse the vase in a container with a solution of water and a spoonful of white vinegar. dsc_7232-1
  9. To clean the porcelain statuettes or centrepiece like this or a bonbon tray like this you will need a brush. Wet it with water and pass it over the surface, even several times until all stains and dust are removed. After this, dry the brush and remove residuals of water. dsc_2245-copia
  10. To preserve the dishes, British ceramic houses use the classic green cloth. We can overcome it with a simple sheet of kitchen paper.

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