Today we want to infuse some healthy desire of recycling and reusing. Under Christmas it seems us a feeling to share.

As you will perhaps have understood we are passionate about vintage items and antiques, but other than that, we admire all those people whom succeed, with some spare time and imagination, in working on disused objects to make them alive again.

For this reason, we want to speak about the several chances of reusing an old wooden drawer, better if it’s a typographer one. Like these ones

– A drawer can be both hanged on a wall to contain various objects or put on the floor as decorative objects

– Take one, upholster the basis of different coloured papers and insert some little items tied to your memories

– Could be a wonderful container of your sewing thread. The ideal would be to have different ones and put them all close to use them as containers for different similar objects

– If you own a house by the sea or if you dream it and you would have a little of its mood, fill it with shells and mini-bottles full of sand coming from different countries

– If you don’t have a wall to be filled, you can use the typographer drawer as a container of succulents or herbs and maybe for better decorating the whole thing you can add some stones taken from the yard

Here we give you some ideas that can be immediately put in practice without being professionals of the craftsmanship, you need only some materials and a lot of fantasy…

If you have fallen in love with some of these images and you can’t wait to get down to workhere you can find the drawer

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