Old Time Lovers

We are two lucky girls, born and raised in medieval villages on top of gentle hills. A land where beauty is in every corner, on Renaissance front doors that unexpectedly emerge from the narrow streets of the city, on frescoed walls of some libraries. We are two Italian small-town girls, living in a territory where mass tourism hardly gets to but which is incredibly full of history, art, nature and craftsmanship.

We are two former colleagues, best friends, mothers, wives, imperfect housewives and serial dreamers. We have been telling each other to work together again for years, like in those beautiful months in the past when we worked on a project for a once large Italian multinational.
After three children in two, here we honor a promise made during a memorable trip to Patagonia.

About me, Sara, people have always said I should have lived in another time and for years I believed it too. When I was fourteen I was dreaming about the tea and the embroidery and reading afternoons a la Jane Austen; in adolescence I was dreaming about the Sixties and the flower children; around my twenties I was dreaming about the sparkling atmospheres of the roaring Thirties, whereas now the uncontrolled optimism of the Fifties. I love beautiful things, done carefully, occasionally imperfect but with character. I could not live without my laptop, my e-book and my smartphone, but I love eating on English plates, sleeping on old hand-embroidered linen sheets, and wearing jewelry from the early twentieth century.

Stefania is the atypical accountant: a volcano of buoyancy and enthusiasm. She would have been an imperfect lady in the eighteenth century, nothing shocks her, nothing worries her. She unperturbedly swims in the flow of life. She is an Excel wizard but constantly fights with technology. She forgets mobile phones in the most unexpected places but she is never late for an appointment. She loves canvas, chamber music and the opera. She would live at the theater as well as in a cosmetics department despite she hardly wears some makeup.

Heyfoo is our project, the shared home we have never had, the personification of our friendship. We will fill it with treasures: art, antiques, craftsmanship, creativity and life.