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To create a special table in 5 steps

I’m one of those people that believes that we don’t have to wait for a special day to use nice things. I believe valued pieces has to be used, I’m not saying every day but whenever we want, independently from a public holiday on a calendar. Then, even if the holidays are ended, we must … Continue Reading

A vintage bedroom: what cannot be missed

When in the evening you’re trudging from the office, you step into your house enjoying its warmth and there is only a though that comforts you. In a few hours you’ll finally put the head on your soft pillow and you’ll rest on it. Maybe is because of this that the bedroom is one of … Continue Reading

Tempo di matrimoni e …di regali. Tre idee (non) convenzionali

L’estate insieme al caldo, i fiori, le giornate al mare è anche la stagione dei matrimoni. Se anche voi avete la (s)fortuna di avere tanti amici che si sposano e che vi invitano ad ogni nuova partecipazione vi sarà baluginata la fatidica domanda : che regalo facciamo? Un tempo fare il regalo agli sposi era … Continue Reading