When in the evening you’re trudging from the office, you step into your house enjoying its warmth and there is only a though that comforts you. In a few hours you’ll finally put the head on your soft pillow and you’ll rest on it. Maybe is because of this that the bedroom is one of the most loved rooms. Guardian of dreams, of love and comforter of tears.

You want to transform it in a timeless style. Here you can find the fundamental furnishing which can’t be missed

· Bureau: if you have enough space it is essential to choose a wooden writing desk.

Don’t be afraid that it’s in contrast with the other furniture. It will strengthen its uniqueness.

· Mirror: a must to have. Choose it with a frame worked in wood or chalk

· Bench or chest: wooden made or stuffed in cloth will be a comfortable container for covers or sheets. You can make it with vintage suitcases.


· Wallpaper: the wallpaper can turn a room from anonymous to unique. Choose the pattern you like more. We love the rigour of 60’ or the floral retro style like these ones

· The lighting: of great effect a scenographic drops chandelier. Originally used for dining rooms it will give a stunning surprise effect. Like this one

· Antique sheets: white, embroidered with delicate hemstitches or great bobbin lace. Feeling their weight on your skin will immediately fly you in the world of dreams like  these ones

Don’t be afraid to make the wrong choice combining different epochs. Personal style is the one which give much warm.

Only a suggestion: do not overdo by an excessive choice of different styles and colours

Do you have a vintage bedroom? Send your picture to us

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