I’m one of those people that believes that we don’t have to wait for a special day to use nice things. I believe valued pieces has to be used, I’m not saying every day but whenever we want, independently from a public holiday on a calendar.

Then, even if the holidays are ended, we must not let ourselves be and we make to feel special the people that we love.

Here are our hints for an unbelievable table in few steps

1.      Use cloth napkins, also different one from the other. Tie them with a tiny kitchen string and complete the composition with a green branch or flowers.   

2.      The scattered centrepiece. No big compositions at the centre but branches, leaves, moss with thin vintage candelabra and candles. Marvelous also glass pharmacy jars as these.

3. Decorated wares. Wares with decorated handle can make the difference. Needless to say, vintage ones know how to make a special table. If you’re looking for them contact us! We could help you.

4.       Glass jugs. I beg you for once, let’s abolish plastic bottles at our table, and let’s rediscover the magic to pour wine or water throught pitchers instead. They’re hygienic and beautiful. And they’re really cheap. All it takes is giving a glance to our site (here)

5.       Platters: it seems a banality but to hande your roast in a dedicated serving dish like this (link) or salmon in one like this makes a real difference.

What however we feel to say is that what matters more than the setting up is the company. For this however we cannot help you!

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